Wood Chips – Acacia

Dong Son IDC Industries is established under Business Registration for Raw materials and Enegry issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Ha Noi City. Dong Son Industries is located at Ha Noi and has started its operation since the begining of 2012. Taking full advatages of human resource, proccessing-to-export and purchasing ability as well as local sea port condition and capacity, Dong Son Resources Company has been getting its own business and production direction to become one of the leading woodchips suppliers in the North of Vietnam.

Dong Son IDC Industries is the leading of natural wood and building materials export company, especially in exploiting, producing and exporting from Vietnam

Acacia wood chips . Mix wood pellets . Mixed wood powder

Our factory produces Acacia wood chips. The sale of logs/timbers and processed wood at a wholesale rate is also carried out at Dong Son. The factory produces approximately 500,000 metric ton of wood chip per annum, most of which is exported for the purpose of pulp, carton, MDF and biomass production.

We export globally, with principal markets in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.