Dong Son Resources Overview

Dong Son Resources Company Limited is specializing in building materials export. We had made capital contribution to some of cement factories and quarry mining here in Vietnam and built long term business relation, thus our services and price are extremely competitive with high quality standard.

Newly established in begin in gof 2011, DONG SON RESOURCES soon become the Vietnam ’s leading MANUFACTURER with main concentration on Cement, Steel Glass…

International Market: China – Japan – Indian – Malaysia – Indonesia – Bangladesh – Taiwan

– Credible & Reliable Supplier in the Long Run.
– Competitive Pricing Structure.
– Flexible Payment Scheme.
– Professional Team & Comprehensive Network.

No Factory and Quarry Production Capacity / Year
1 Cement Factory Cement and Clinker 1,850,000.00 MT
2 Grinding Factory CaCO3 powder, GGBFS, Quicklime powder 130,000.00 MT
3 Burnt Lime Factory Quicklime, Dolomite Burnt production 75,000.00 MT
4 Tiles Factory Marble slabs and Granite slabs production 80,000.00 M3
5 Limestone Quarry Limestone lumps, Chips 750,000.00 MT
6 White Limestone White limestone lumps, chips, marble 370,000.00 MT
7 Dolomite Quarry Dolomite lumps, chips, powder 320,000.00 MT
8 Granite Quarry Granite slabs and Granite chips 450,000.00 MT
9 Silica Quarry Silica sand production 120,000.00 MT
10 Quartz Quarry Quartz chips, Quartz powder 150,000.00 MT
11 Basalt Quarry Basalt chips, lumps 280,000.00 MT