Quick Lime Vietnam

Vietnam Quick Lime and Quick Lime Powder:
We are a quick lime producer and exporter to many countries all over the world such as india, bangladesh, singapore, malaysia
Our quick lime is used to treat envirnment, sugar, water and refine steel, paper.

Quick lime Specification:

Chemical composition Delivery
Content of CaO ≥ 90% Quantity: 5,000MT per month
MgO content ≤ 1.5% Container
SiO2 content ≤ 1.0% Hai Phong Port
Size: 10– 70mm
S < 0.11%
Moisture: < 0.5%

Packing: 1.25 MT Jumbo Bag/ New bag with  nylon coated/ laminated bag , without inner liner.

Quick lime or calcium oxide, or burnt lime are obtained by calcining (controlled heating – time and temperature) limestone at temperatures above 900°C. These highly reactive products are used as additives in such industries as metallurgy, steel flux, sewage and water treatment, environment treatment, land consolidation, PH adjustment, caustic agent, acid gas absorption.
• Molecular Formula : CaO
• Common name: Quick lime or Burnt lime