Dolomite Vietnam Export

DOLOMITE is also called Calcium carbonate Dolomite. It contains with main Calcium Oxide and Magnesium Oxide.

Out apperance is color of grey or white but it is same content. We are supplying both of grades Dolomite with large capacity per month. It is much used in Steel making, Glass making, Fertilize and many applications.

Low Iron Dolomite supplied by Dong Son Mining is of high purity with very low iron content (MgO > 19%) and high calcium oxide (CaO >30%)
Packing: in Bulk – Min Order Quantity: 20.000 Tons
Port loading: Cam Pha, Vietnam
Product Name
Chemical and Physical Properties
SiO2: 2% max;
Al2O3: 1% max;
CaO: 30% min;
MgO: 19.5% min;
0-3mm; 10-40mm – 40-80mm
Steel Plant;
Glass Plant
Construction Material;
Refractory Material;
Chemical Industry;
Environmental Protection;
Energy Saving;
As a flux for smelting iron and steel, the dolomite can neutralize the acidic slag, improve the alkalinity of the slag and reduce the activity of FeO in the slag, so as to reduce the erosion of the furnace lining.