Quartz Stone Vietnam

Dong Son supply Quartz Stone is widely used in precision casting,coating,painting,printing ink,tire and rubber,engineering plastic,sealant,adhesive,dental dental materials,cosmetic,high-grade electronic,ceramica,special refractoy materials,shelding aerospace,electronic epoxy encapsulation, and burnish polishing materials.

Quantity: 12,000MT per month
Packing: Bulk
Size: Quartz chips / Quartz Lumps
Port loading: Vietnam

Chemical composition Physical specifications
Size: 5-20mm / 10-40mm Whiteness ≥ 75 %
SiO2: 99% Brightness ≥ 70 %
Content of Fe2O3 ≤ 0.06% Humidity ≤ 0.2%
Al2O3 content ≤ 0.06% Specific gravity 2.7g / cm3