FGD Gypsum Vietnam

FGD Gypsum Vietnam: We are supply FGD Gypsum in Vietnam. FGD Gypsum that are made by good quality, Increase cement strength, increase cement setting time, increase shrinkage rate and improve the flow of cement mortar, grout flow, expansion and other properties. We exports our FGD Gypsum now many countries: Cambodia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Srilanka.

Product Name
FGD Gypsum
Vietnam FGD Gypsum Thermal Plant
Quantity 40,000mt per months
Factory with strict QC ensure excellent quality
Popular size
In Bulk or Jumbo Bag
Cement production…
Application of FGD Gypsum: Cement production, Agriculture, Gypsum panel products, Highway construction,  Mining applications, Water treatment, Glass making.
FGD Gypsum (Calcium suplhate CaSO4 . 2 H2O) is a unique synthetic product derived from flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems at electric power plants. Coal-fired power plants using scrubbers and Sulfur dioxide emission control systems to remove sulfur from combustion gases to produce “FDG Gypsum”.
It is showing light yellow color and chemically nearly identical to mined natural gypsum. But radioactive is far less than the natural ore gypsum. It provides a wide-range of environmentally friendly applications.