Rock – Gabbro and Armour Stone Vietnam

Dong Son is supplying high quality Rock, Gabbro, Armour and Big lumps Stone Vietnam to the construction and building. We have the capability to supply different sizes of aggregates rocks and rock armor as per various specifications and quantity requirements. Our Gabbro, Armour and Rock Aggregates from Vietnam are particularly very popular in the construction industry.

Rock, Gabbro, Armour Aggregates Stone in the following sizes and weight:

Product Name
Rock – Gabbro, Armour and Big lumps Stone 
Vietnam natural Granite
Blackish & Grey Stone
Quantity 150,000mt per months
Weight 10-50Kg / 50-100Kg / 100-400Kg
50–100mm, 100–200mm, 200–400 mm, 400-800mm, 500-1000mm
In Bulk
Road, Building & Construction – Embankment – Sea barrier
Applycation: Embankment – Sea barrier

The rock armour is extracted from our Dong Son Granite Quarry in midde in Vietnam. The Granite is a sedimentary rock with good ‘flaggy’ characteristics for the production of armour. This allows us to produce two distinctive rock sizes.