White Charcoal

Name: White charcoal / Japanese Binchotan

Raw material:100% natural hard wood of Litchi,Eucalyptus..or other natural hard wood.
Origin: Vietnam
Dimensions: 2-8cm diameter, length 5-30 cm
Standards achieved:
Carbon (%): 85-95%
Ash content (%): <1.5%
Sulfur content (%): Less than 0.27%
The calorific value content Kcal / kg: 7800-9090Kcal / kg
Moisture (%): <2%

Shape: Rod,stick,no sparkle,no smoke,no smell,free chemical.

Weight: 10kg, 15kg or as per customer’s requirements.
Packing: 5 layer cartons with plastic bags, belt bucket. Packing according to customer requirements.
Main markets : Japan, Korea,Midle east,Europe..