Portland Cement

Portland Cement (PC Cement)
Supply Quantity: 100.000 MT/Months
Packing: 40,50Kg – Jumbo bags: 1.5MT
Min Order Quantity: 5.000MT
Payment: L/C – T/T
Delivery Time: 10-15 days after receiving customers deposit

Cement Type I – Dong Son Cement Distributor: Portland cement (PC cement) is manufactured under the American Standard ASTM C 150 – Type I served the purpose of export to foreign markets. Portland cement is produced by grinding clinker and a certain amount of gypsum to ensure the setting time.

PC cement uses raw materials of an area which is evaluated as the best material area in Vietnam combined with Japanese technologyunder the management of experienced specialists. The ratio of Portland cement components is ensured to be appropriate with diverse construction requirements of customers. Major components are Portland clinker with the proportion of 95-96% and gypsum with the proportion of 4-5%.


Portland cement can be used for many work items or used to manufacture concrete for construction of bridges, culverts, prestressed concrete, hydroelectric dams and buildings.

Advantages of LSC Portland cement:

– High initial strength growth rate helps remove the formwork soon.

– High stability, good antileakage capacity and no corrosion by the environment

– Cement can use water-reducing additive, so it’s very easy to use and control the quality of concrete in special buildings.


Characteristic Units Ceriteria conform with
ASTM C150 Type I
Typical Test
Test Method
 SiO2 % Max 22.5 5.31 ASTM C114-09
 Al2O3 % Max 6.0 5.31
 Fe2O3 % Max 4.5 3.43
 CaO  % Min 65.0 66.34
 MgO  % Max 4.00 0.72
 SO3 % Max 1.0 0.30
 Loss on Lgnition, (LOI) %           Max 1.5           0.75
 Free lime (F.CaO) % Max 1.5 1.0
 Insoluble Residue % Max  0.75 0.42
 Total alkalies (Na2O+0.658K2O) %           Max 0.6           0.53
 C3S % Min 55.0 63.18 ASTM C150-11
 C2S % Max 21.5 15.18
 C3A % Max 12.0 8.28
 C4AF % Max 13.0 10.44
 Lime Saturation Factor – LSF % Min 92 95.15
 Moisture % Max 1.0 0.01 Refer ASTM C136
 Particle Size:   –    Below 1mm % Max 10.0 7.82 Sieve
                           –     Above 30 mm % Max 10.0 6.50