Natural Gypsum

We are the leading Experts and Supplier of Natural Gypsum in Asia. Our Gypsum is of high purity and used for various purposes from cement additive (used for binding purposes) to Plaster  and soil enhancer.

Our Natural Gypsum is derived from Gypsum Mountains located in various regions of Middle east and crushed to various sizes as per the factory requirement. This natural gypsum is high in purity and low in moisture.

We ship Gypsum in Bulk and many reputed cement plants in Asia have used & tested our gypsum quality and found it to be best. we supply purity from 85% Min – 93%  and above Maximum.


Test Method Unit Result
Purity (CaSo4.2H2O) ASTM C471M % Wt 90.32
Combine Water % Wt 18.91
SiO2 % Wt 0.94
So3 % Wt 42.01
CaO % Wt 29.42
MgO % Wt 1.07
Fe2O3 % Wt 0.77
AI2O3 % Wt 0.31
Moisture % Wt 0.99